My name is Torgeir Skyttermoen and I work as an Associate Professor at Lillehammer University College teaching in Organisation and Management. My professional interests are primary Project Management and Organization and Management in General.

Recently (Fall 2013), I completed my Professional Doctoral Programme Candidate (Førstelektorstipendiat) with a thesis titled  «A Narrative Statement of a Pracademic Development Process». These days my focus is writing a textbook along with Associate Professor Anne Live Vaagaasar from Norwgian Business School. The working title for the book is «Value Creating Project Management» and is due to be finish this year (2014).

The Spring term 2011 I was Visiting Research Associate at Institute of Education, University of London.

This website/ePortfolio will provide more information in English in near future…

You’re welcome to contact me for further information: torgeir.skyttermoen@hil.no

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